Christian Counseling Center (CCC) has been established to provide "Christ"-centered counseling that is faith based and scripturally grounded. My goal is to help individuals and families meet the challenges faced by Christians in a secular world.

The Christian Counseling Experience can result in benefits for those who make a choice to actively participate and assume responsibility for change.  Benefits include, but are not limited to an improved relational experience with Christ, improved interpersonal relationships, resolution of specific areas of concern that prompted you to seek counseling services, the development of coping strategies and increased self-awareness.  The Christian Counseling Experience requires you to be active and involved in your progress, honesty, being open to change in thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors.

The Christian Counseling Experience works best when you are able to operate under three key principles:

1.  I recognize that area(s) of my life are unmanageable and/or out-of-control.

2.  I admit that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can restore me to wholeness in Christ Jesus.

3.  I make the decision to turn my entire will and life over to the care and direction of Christ Jesus as Teacher, Healer, Savior and Lord.

The Christian Counseling Experience is designed to allow you to recall and talk about unpleasant events, feelings, or thoughts in a setting where you are able to cope with the discomfort or strong feelings of anger, sadness, worry or fear.  While this process often leads to experiencing anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other physical complaints, the challenges to your assumptions, perceptions and fears will allow you to look at your situation from other perspectives in order to gain insight.  It is normal to feel temporarily worse while in counseling.  You will have the opportunity to grow and develop healthy coping strategies that will assist you in handling the situations that cause you to feel upset, angry, depressed and disappointed.

The Christian Counseling Experience will provide an opportunity to combine the Biblical applications of scriptural passages, prayer, and meditation with various psychological and motivational approaches.  These approaches include, but are not limited to behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and psycho-educational techniques.